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How to get a Permit

The way you can get a permit will vary depending on the activity you are wanting it for. It starts with you deciding on what permit to want to get and finishes with your District Commissioner issuing you with a Permit.

Between those two events is where the activities team can help! Your District Commissioner will, generally, not issue a permit without having been assessed for the necessary skills by one of the team, or by holding a nationally recognised qualification that correlates to one of the permits on the Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme


You need to ensure that you are ready for assessment. There are various ways you can do this but we would recommend Gaining Experience by attending one of the courses or workshops listed on our Gain Experience page or the Events Calendar


Once you are ready for assessment take a look at our Get Assessed page to start the process. If you have already been in contact with the Activities Team then you will need to send in a completed application form to start the assessment process.


In some circumstances you may be assessed by someone from outside of our Activities Team. In the situation where this was not arranged by our team, you will need to send in the assessors report and their details with your application.

Permit application forms are available on our Get Assessed page.

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