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What is it? 

The Adult Training Scheme is the training that most leaders must undertake and is based around two key elements:


Learning-This is when the adult has the opportunity to gain or improve the knowledge and skills

which they need to perform their role. As the scheme recognises prior learning, knowledge and

experience; individuals may not need to complete learning for every aspect of the scheme. 

Validation-This is when a Training Adviser will check what the adult has learned, and that they can apply the skills that they have acquired to their role. Validation is essential for every module except for the mandatory ongoing learning modules

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Who needs to do it? 

Your training obligations are dependant on the role you undertake within scouting.  Your line manager will have told you what your role is when first appointed , and agreed a role description with you .  Almost every role will have some training or validation  obligations, these could be 'Mandatory Ongoing Learning' such as safety and safeguarding which will require renewal every 3 years, or the 'wood badge' which will only need completing once for that role.  

Before you start you will need to complete a 'Check Your Knowledge' assessment for each module which will help you and your Training Advisor identify what you know and if your prior knowledge can be recognised. 

What Modules do I need to do? 

The Module Matrix provides a summary of all the learning that makes up the Adult Training Scheme. These are:

  • Getting Started 

  • Training for All Appointments

  • ‘TheProgramme’ 

  • ‘The People’

  •  Manager and Supporter training

  • Supplementary module


​The Module Matrix is colour coded to give you an indication of the roles which are likely to benefit from the training. The Matrix also provides delivery methods and a guide to each modules content.


Who can help me?

Training advisors are leaders who have already completed their wood badge and have the necessary skills to support and train other adults. Your Line Manager will assist you in finding a Training Advisor in liaison with the Local Training Manager (LTM).  Each district has an LTM who matches leaders with Training Advisors, usually from the same section. 

  • It is best if someone has a training adviser from outside their group.

  • Managers & supporters need a specific M&S training advisor

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