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The People

'Check Your Knowledge'

It is likely that you already have skills and knowledge gained outside of Scouting that can be used to validate some of your Scout training. This means that for some modules, you may not need to do any extra learning, or may only have learning to do for certain topics.

The Check Your Knowledge form will help you to look at what you already know and, with the help of your Training Adviser, decide what learning you need to complete for each module. The form has been designed to reflect the learning objectives of each module. Your Training Adviser will use this, along with the discussions you, to create your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and agree it with you.

The results from your 'Check Your Knowledge' form will be sent to your Training Advisor once completed. 

Supporting Young People Module 14 

To enable adults to understand and meet the needs of young people and create a supportive environment.

Promoting Positive Behaviour Module 15

To enable adults to promote positive behaviour and appropriately manage challenging behaviour in their section.

Growing the Section
Module 13 

To cover ways in which an adult volunteer can work with their line manager and others to plan and contribute to the growth of their Section and/or Group.

Working with Adults
Module 9

To cover some key skills required to work effectively as a team, including communication, listening skills, decision-making structures and effectively representing others.

Skills of Leadership 
Module 8

To cover the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective leader, including leadership styles, action-centred leadership and developing leadership skills in others.

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