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Claire Jarvis

DCC Operations

How did it all start for Claire Jarvis?!

Scouting in a leadership role began when I was 16, as a Cub Scout instructor with 1st Norbury in Hazel Grove District.


Once I turned 18yrs, I took out an appointment as an ACSL in January 1985, completing Basic training towards my Wood Badge. In the autumn of 1986 I moved to Chesterfield, to start my nurse training, where I took on the role as an ACSL and helped at a Scout troop too. Whilst in this role I completed my Advanced training and was awarded my Cub Scout Wood Badge in October 1987.


In November 1989 I moved south to Uxbridge, where I took on the role as a CSL in Hillingdon, whilst in this role I also assisted on the District team organising events such as District Cub camp and Scouts Go for a Million event. Plus assisting with County events and an inner city Scouting project.


During the five years down south, I made many long lasting friends, whom I remain in close contact with, one in particular; my husband Chris who was a Venture scout and Scout leader with 1st Uxbridge! As a couple we were involved in Scout and Venture Scout events including International trips.


We moved back north late 1994, prior to getting married, where I took on the role as CSL with 3rd Hazel Grove – Seneca pack, this became a 20 year appointment, then the last two years as an ACSL.


Whilst Akela we’ve taken the Cub pack on numerous nights away; north into Scotland at Fordell Firs, east to North Norfolk coast staying in a ‘windmill, south to London staying with our old friends at 1st Uxbridge , also south westerly to Somerset and the New Forest camping at Braggers Wood and visiting Brownsea island. We also travelled into Wales both South and North for camps and Pack holidays, plus staying more locally to GME. In addition to being CSL, I became involved with Ladybrook Valley District as ADC Cubs for five years from 2003, during this time I  became involved with the County team.

In 2002 I was a sub-camp leader at County Commonwealth Cub camp, this led to more involvement with the County, assisting with organising for Cub Euro day in 2005, plus I was very proud to be a sub-camp leader at the Centenary of Scouting County Camp in 2007, where Wolves was definitely the best one of the four sub-camps! Since then I‘ve held a County role as an ACC & member of County appointments committee, more recently when we had change of County Commissioner I accepted the role of Deputy County Commissioner, with responsibility for the operational side of the County.

I most enjoy organising events and camps; Animania, Join in Japan day, Join in Jamboree days, Streetwise city centre sleepout & Chief Scout visit & 4ZERO our County 40th anniversary camp, all stood me in good stead , ready for the past year of CUBS100 & Beavers 30th Birthday, when we’ve celebrated regionally at Blackpool Pleasure beach, we invited Cubs to ‘Go Wild in the Jungle’ at our County camp, Beavers were flying high at Gauntlet Birds of Prey, in October descending on Disneyland Paris , cumulating with Promise Party & Silver Award holders Sleepover at Lego Discovery & Sealife centres last month.


After over 34 years in Scouting, do I still enjoy it? The simple answer is yes, the more difficult question why?! It may sound text book answer, but for me it’s the experiences that we offer to young people, for them to develop to their full potential through adventure and challenge, this that no other organisation can offer, encompassing all.

Please get in touch if you have any queries, I’m happy to assist with whatever I can.

Thanks to everyone that I’ve worked with over the years, for your support, without you I couldn’t do it!


Happy Scouting!


Deputy County Commissioner – Operations

January 2017

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