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Training For All Appointments

'Check Your Knowledge'

It is likely that you already have skills and knowledge gained outside of Scouting that can be used to meet some of your Scout training requirements. This means that for some modules, you may not need to do any extra learning, or may only have learning to do for certain topics.


The on-line Check Your Knowledge form will help you to look at what you already know and, with the help of your Training Adviser, decide what learning you need to complete for each module. The form has been designed to reflect the key learning objectives of each module. Your Training Adviser will use this, along with discussions with you, to create your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and agree it with you.

The results from your 'Check Your Knowledge' form will be sent to your Training Advisor once completed. 

Delivering a Quality Programme Module 12a 

To provide Leaders, Managers and Supporters with information about how to deliver quality Scouting to young people, and how we ensure it meets their needs. This module is recommended as a priority.

Module 11

To provide information and best practice on how to manage administrative tasks in Scouting, including responsibilities relating to the Data Protection Act/GDPR, record keeping, finances andinsurance requirements.

Fundamentals of Scouting Module 5

To explore the Fundamentals of Scouting and the Religious Policy, and their relationship with delivering a quality Programme for young people.

Scouting For All 
Module 7 

To provide an introduction to equal opportunities and practical advice about how to make Scouting inclusive for all.

First Aid 
Module 10

Please see our First Aid Training page 

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