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Steve Holloway

County Commissioner


My scouting story began quite recently (I spent my youth in the Boys Brigade).

When my daughter joined scouts ten years ago I made the classic mistake of asking if the district needed any help! Within what seemed like minutes the forms were filled in and I was asked to take on the role as District Chairperson for North Tameside.

I decided not to be a ‘distant’ chairperson but to get involved. I did know that at the time I couldn’t commit to being a leader but there are many roles scouting needs filled and District Chairperson seemed to suit my needs and skills. Working with the District Commissioner we built a team and helped the district continue to grow and provide amazing opportunities for scouts of all ages.


After 4 years I was asked to take on the role of District Commissioner, luckily the hard work that had been put in paid dividends and the district team were able to continue the growth and stability that a district needs to thrive.


Within 18 months I was asked to take on the role of County Commissioner, a role which I have now held for three years. The role is both challenging and rewarding, our focus is the provision of outstanding opportunities for our members to develop skills for life and gain confidence in all they do.


Developing a ‘can do’ attitude is what sets scouting apart from most other organisations and I am proud to be part of a team which shares this aim.

I would encourage anyone who is remotely interested in the movement to join us. There are many roles to fill and you can give as much or as little time as you can spare.

Please take the time to contact us and I look forward to seeing you on camp somewhere.


Yours in Scouting


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