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Our County Commissioner, Steve Holloway, is standing for election to the UK Board of Trustees

The Scouts UK Board of Trustees shapes and approves our national strategy and is the Association's national decision-making body. Members of the UK Council elect Board Members.
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Who am I?


Hi I’m Steve & I’m a proud dad of 2 amazing scouting daughters and husband to my really understanding and patient wife Anne.


My scouting journey is a bit odd! I wasn’t a scout as a kid; unfortunately I have to admit I was in the boys brigade! It wasn’t until my daughter joined scouts and I was foolish enough to ask if anyone needed any help that I realised that I could be a scout too.


I was asked to fill the role as district chair & I loved it. The first thing my DC did was make me read POR which meant I still didn’t have a clue what scouting was but knew the rules. I progressed to DC and finally to my current position as CC of Greater Manchester East.


I am owner & CEO of a group of chiropractic practices operating in a highly regulated and developing industry. I have served on national bodies for the profession and was one of the founders of the fastest growing chiropractic association in the UK. Internationally I sit on the board of various organisations and charities.


Why am I a Scout?


Scouting offers its members (both young and not so young) the opportunity to discover themselves and develop their life-skills in a safe, challenging and fun environment. To me ‘skills for life’ is not simply a positioning statement or tag line it's a mission for life. 


Helping people achieve their fullest potential is to me as normal as breathing and supporting people in this goal both in scouting and my ‘day job’ gives me immense satisfaction.


Why stand for the board?


Why not? 


Tim Kidd once asked me ‘what’s next?’ I still don’t have an answer for him. However these challenging times needs a different kind of board member. 


If we are to thrive during and after this crisis (not simply survive) we need to start by taking a good look at what brought us to where we are and what we have to do to re-build the infrastructure to support scouting into the 21st century. 


Much of what the board does is not widely communicated and simply doesn't make sense, I strongly believe that if we are to emerge stronger than ever; we need a new level of accountability, transparency and openness.


Communication is paramount to our future and supporting our members on the ground is vital to helping them not only enjoy their scouting but develop meaningful skills for life.


What will I do if I successful?


Listen, ask questions & start to use our resources properly! 


Every answer to every question we can ever ask is within our membership, we have some amazing people involved in and who support scouting. People who have skills we are in desperate need of, which would cost millions if we had to pay for them!


A disconnected association will not thrive or survive; it will stagnate and wither.


Our members have a right to be listened to and engaged with, more than anything else this would be my aim. 


Supporting and listening to the needs of our membership is key to our future and I hope to be a voice for our members on the board.


Thanks for reading this if you would like to discus any of the above points with me please email me at

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