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The Programme

'Check Your Knowledge'

It is likely that you already have skills and knowledge gained outside of Scouting that can be used to validate some of your Scout training. This means that for some modules, you may not need to do any extra learning, or may only have learning to do for certain topics.

The Check Your Knowledge form will help you to look at what you already know and, with the help of your Training Adviser, decide what learning you need to complete for each module. The form has been designed to reflect the learning objectives of each module. Your Training Adviser will use this, along with the discussions you, to create your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and agree it with you.

The results from your 'Check Your Knowledge' form will be sent to your Training Advisor once completed. 

Programme Planning Module 12b 

To provide Section Leaders with an opportunity to plan and review a sectional programme, using a variety of methods to generateprogramme ideas.

Running Safe Activities Module 17

To enable adults to plan and run exciting, safe and developmental activities for the young people in their section.

Practical Skills 
Module 18

To enable adults to gain and develop practical skills for the benefit 
of young people in their section.

Residential Experiences
Module 16

To enable Section Leaders and supporters who may support residential experiences for young people, to understand the purpose that residential experiences play in Scouting.

Module 19 

To provide adults with an international focus appropriate to their section and understand the global nature of Scouting.

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