As a manager/supporter you have signed up to complete the training associated with the role as laid down by the Scout Association. Typically the training commitment for a Manager or Supporter takes an average of 18months-3 years but everyone is different and it may take you less or more.

The experiences you have gained in other walks of life may contribute to your training and may already cover you for some of the modules listed below and you are strongly recommended to complete the 'Check your Knowledge' questionaires if you want this taken into account. 

As a Manager or Supporter you must complete the following within 5 months of being appointed.

  • Safeguarding

  • Safety(online 40 mins)

  • GDPR (online 30 mins)

  • Module 2- Personal Learning Plan 

  • Module 1- Essential Information

  • Module 3- Tools for the Role

  • Module 10- First Aid

  • Trustee Information (if opted in)

The rest of your training must then be completed within 3 years of appointment.  These courses are delivered by the County Training Team, remotely and during our residential courses. Please check the calendar for dates. 

Training for all

  • Module 12a- Delivering a Quality Programme

  • Module 5- Fundamentals of Scouting

  • Module 7- Scouting For All 

  • Module 11- Administration

The Programme

  • Module 12b- Programme Planning 

  • Module 17- Running Safe Activities

  • Module 18-Practical Skills

  • Module 16-Introduction to Residential Experiences

  • Module 19-International 

The People 

  • Module 14-Supporting Young People 

  • Module 15- Promoting Positive Behaviour 

  • Module 13- Growing the Section

  • Module 9- Working with Adults 

  • Module 8- Skills of Leadership

Management Modules 

  • Managing Your Time and Personal Skills

  • Achieving Results

  • Providing Direction

  • Working With People

  • Enabling Change

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

(must be renewed every 3 years)

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